Sunday, March 15, 2015

Winter Reading Wrap-up

Even though the first day of spring isn't technically until Friday, it's only four days away, so I think it's safe to do this wrap up now. I doubt much will change in the next few days. Unless I go on a crazy reading binge or something, which, knowing my schedule, would be pretty amazing actually and would deserve a separate post all on its own, so in any case you would be duly updated. 

I have been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad blogger lately. Granted, my schedule (as mentioned above) is pretty hectic. And, okay, maybe I am exhausted by the end of the day 98.6% of the time. And of course that means that some of the things that I'd like to be doing, naturally, don't actually get to be done. And blogging consistently, sadly, is one of them. BUT that doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I have. As furiously and obsessively as ever. I have read 12 books so far this year. 12! Which means, I am very happily on track with my reading goal of 52 books in 2015. In fact, Goodreads tells me I'm actually 2 whole books ahead of schedule, which makes me feel just about giddy on the inside. I have been incredibly lucky also because the books I have been reading have been FANTASTIC. 

Reading lots is infinitely easier than reviewing lots, so I'm going to share a few super-short mini reviews of what I've been reading this winter. 

Tiny Beautiful Things - I loved this book. I've never read or even heard of the Rumpus Room before picking up this book, but I am so glad I did. So many of the things Sugar shares hit right home for me. I want to recommend this book to everyone. Even you. So I will. You, yes you, should read this book. It's honest, it's touching, it's truthful, and it's full of big things. Little things too. 

The Dust of 100 Dogs - This one was a bit of a disappointment for me. The premise was interesting, but the execution fell flat. I've heard so many great things about A. S. King. so I plan on giving her another chance, I'm hoping something else might be a better fit for me. 

Unteachable - This is the romance novel that taught me romance novels could be well written and entertaining as well a steamy. This book was just dramadramadrama and I loved every minute of it. 

The Madman's Daughter - Despite finding it incredibly predictable, I enjoyed this book and was entertained by it. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't already familiar with the story that it's based on, however. I don't think I'll be continuing with the series but it was a fun quick read. 

Trading Rosemary - This is a beautiful, haunting story that stuck with me for days after I finished it. I don't say that often (read: never) about short stories. The story of a woman living in a world where memories are traded as currency and how what she chooses to trade, what memories she parts with, effects not only who she is but her sense of self. It was incredibly thought provoking. How do you put value on memories, memories should be priceless, shouldn't they? Read this story and you'll ponder that yourself. 

I've also been reading some graphic novels and comics that I may or may not do a round-up type post on sometime in the near or distant future, I haven't decided. I've also read several books off of my classics club list, completely by accident! I just read what I felt like and wasn't even conscious of my own goal-crushing awesomeness. Stay tuned for those reviews, that may or may not show up sometime in the near future. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to stay on top of my blogging, and I'll continue to post my bookish tweets (mini-mini reviews) on Twitter, and pictures of what I'm reading on Instagram at the very least. It's spring (almost). Time to start a Spring TBR.

What have you been keeping cozy with this winter? What will you be picking up this spring??


  1. Wait, Trading Rosemary sounds SO GOOD. How have I not heard of this before? Anyway, glad that you're still reading a bunch! I really need to hop on the mini-review train, because I have a bunch of books I've read that I KNOW I'm not going to write full reviews for. It happens. No need to feel bad about not blogging a ton. Everyone's been there before. Hope you're doing well even though you're busy!

    1. I highly recommend Trading Rosemary, it's weird and fascinating and so so GOOD. I'm definitely planning on checking out more by Octavia Cade. Sometimes, the mini-reviews are just the way to go for me. Thanks for the encouragement! Be well :)