Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

I am constantly adding new books to my TBR list, and I do mean CONSTANTLY - I'm doing it right now even. It's currently around 2000 books long - but that's okay, I have my whole lifetime to get to the end. And if I die before I get to the end (please, god, no), I'll just haunt libraries and such. Here are some books recently added to my tbr list that I am most looking forward to. Usually I find it hard to come up with ten things, but not this time. Keeping it to just ten was remarkably hard.
  1. Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes: I decided to put all of the Canada Reads picks on my TBR list after live-streaming all the debates. This is the one, I'm most looking forward to.
  2. Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances: I love Neil Gaiman and everything he does, this one is a basically a given.
  3. Of Things Gone Astray: I found out about this one through Outlandish Lit, whose blog is awesome and wonderful and everything I want to be. This book sounds wonderful, and weird, and beautiful. (And that cover!!)
  4. Buck: A Memoir: I'm Canadian. The immigrant experience practically defines my country. I find these stories fascinating and enlightening, and usually very eye-opening. I'm looking forward to this one.
  5. The Heart Goes Last: Margaret Atwood can do no wrong. I worship at her shrine. What else can I say? Okay, the synopsis actually does sound pretty awesome too.
  6. Radiance: "is a decopunk pulp SF alt-history space opera mystery set in a Hollywood—and solar system—very different from our own." Uhm, SOLD.
  7. Black Feminist Thought: I've heard nothing but great things about this one. I'm super curious and interested in what I'll learn from this.
  8. The River of No Return: I wish I could remember which blogger turned me onto this, but it has so many of the things I love: time travel, Napoleon, romance, time travel, historical fiction. It almost gives me Kate & Leopold vibes, and I love that.
  9. Daughter of the Forest: Every time I hear about this book, someone is raving about how wonderful it is from Booktube to the blogosphere. It sounds awesome, and I love a good fantasy.
  10. Lagoon: Whenever Elizabeth from Books and Pieces recommends something this highly, it goes immediately on my TBR. I could create whole tbr lists dedicated solely to reading books that are Elizabeth-approved (that actually sounds like a fantastic list , someone should do this - Elizabeth, please - I'm begging you to do this). And I don't read nearly enough African fiction. Cheers to Diverse Reading ya'll! 
Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances Of Things Gone Astray Buck: A Memoir The Heart Goes Last Radiance Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment The River of No Return
Daughter of the Forest  (Sevenwaters, #1) Lagoon


  1. Oh stop it, I am blushing so hard.
    I want to read Lagoon SO BADLY!! I would trust Elizabeth with my life, so I was very excited to see her rate it 5 stars. I'm thinking about using it in my two person book club with my boss, so you should probably read it first and let me know if that's a good idea.
    Very interested in all these other books!

    1. I agree! Elizabeth for President!! I'm planning on reading Lagoon very soon, hopefully in the next few weeks :)

  2. I hope you enjoy The River of No Return, it was such a fantastic read :) Great list of books, happy reading :)

  3. How am I just seeing this now?? Thank you! I'm really taking my time getting through this list.