Monday, January 5, 2015

Persuasion Read-along? Sign me up!

I love read-alongs. Especially when they involve classics. And Jane Austen. Lucky for me, Heidi over at Literary Adventures Along the Brandywine is going to be hosting a Persuasion read-along starting January 5 (today!) through to the end of February. The only thing I love more than a good classic Austen read-along is crossing books off of my TBR, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to start on my first pick for the Back to the Classics 2015 Challenge! There's nothing better than multi-tasking, am I right?

The pace is going to be pretty easy-going at 3 chapters a week. I'm not sure if I'll stick strictly to this schedule, I guess it will depend on how much I love the story, does that make me a bad read-alonger? Maybe, but I'll try not to get too far ahead. 

Although it is a classic, this is going to be totally new to me. I haven't read or seen any adaptations of Persuasion before and I'm excited to start this one. I'll be updating my progress on Goodreads, Twitter (#persuasionreadalong), and of course, here. I haven't decided how frequent my check-ins will be, again, I guess it will depend on how much I'm enjoying (or disliking) the novel (but I hope I love it). 

Are you joining in on this read-along? Have you read Persuasion before? Care to share your thoughts with me? What about adaptations? Do you have a favourite? Any recommendations would be 100% appreciated. If you recommend it, I will watch it! 


  1. While Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Austen book, Anne Elliott is my favorite Austen heroine. I adore Persuasion. As far as adaptations go? I don't have a literary preference other than something that stays true to the original. It's not the easiest read, but it's short and Anne is so fantastic. She's older and a bit more mature, she's loyal and I could relate to her so much.

    As far as films go? Absolutely, I have a preference! The 1995 version with Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root is my favorite. It's gorgeous. The 2005 version has bits that are ok, but Sally Hawkins' Anne fell so far short that it was painful and almost laughable to watch.

    Looking forward to what you think about it!