Sunday, January 25, 2015

Checkpoint 1: #TBR2015RBR

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Hello all, well, we are almost at the end of January already (already?!) and it's well past the official check-in date for the RBR TBR pile challenge (it was the 15th, in case you were wondering).

Unfortunately, I don't actually have much to check-in with. My progress has been, well, to be honest, minimal. I have sort-of semi-started reading Emma (meaning, I haven't gotten very far - at all). I've been so distracted by new shiny books to read that I've put off (again) the ones that are already sitting on my sagging shelves. I got a new ereader  for Christmas (my old one crapped out on me) and I just HAD to try it. I'd forgotten how amazingly convenient a Kobo is to have during my long commute (and so, so LIGHT - goodbye sore shoulders!).

Here I am checking-in anyways, however, because I am so amazed that so many people have been able to get such a great head start on plowing through their TBR piles. I am really impressed by them all (and also loving finding all these great new blogs to follow). And also inspired. Or should I say re-inspired? Either way, it has definitely re-ignited the fire that made me want to join this challenge in the first place (and yes, the multiple piles of books cluttering every available flat surface of my home and blocking all emergency exists IS a fire hazard, but I'm not very worried). I'm hoping to get Emma read this week and have a review up by the 31st, but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself (that will only ensure it doesn't get done!).

Question of the Month: Which book on your 2015 list has been on your shelf the longest?  
I have to say that, without question,  the book on my list that has been on my shelf the longest is Little Women, the copy I have on my shelf has been in my possession for no less than 17 years! (The bookmark stuck in the front cover dated 1998 confirms this) I'm actually a little ashamed, maybe after Emma, Little Women should be the first one I get to!

If you're like me and you haven't made much of a dent in your list either, don't worry, you're NOT alone! (And this isn't really meant to be a competition anyway, is it?... Seriously, is it? I didn't think it was, but I hear there are going to be prizes, so I could be wrong) Let's stay connected and we can cheer each other on. It's only the beginning of the year, right? We've all got a long way to go.

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  1. Uh oh, I didn't realize there was a check in! I've been too busy moving from one state to another. I haven't read anything yet either, don't even worry about it. 17 years is very impressive. We're lucky books can't feel neglect.