Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2015

Post more reviews: I think this is going to be on every (semi) blogger's list of goals. I've read so many books since starting this blog in August, but I've posted very few actual reviews. I'd like to post at least one review a week. Or do a few catch-up posts that have 3-4 mini reviews all stuffed together in one neat little package. I've seen post-it reviews around the blogosphere lately, maybe I'll do something like that. (Also, I'd like to blog more in general, more bookish topics, bookish finds, bookish discussions...)

Finish Series I've started: This one is self explanatory, I hope. Also, I'd like to Start new series I'm behind on: These are all the series that I've wanted to read, but for whatever reason, haven't yet gotten around to, for example: The Raven Boys, The Throne of Glass, Cinder, The Chaos Walking Trilogy, etc.
Organize my bookshelves: Seriously, those things are a mess. I can't find anything. There's no discernible order, or reason. They are overflowing. I buy new books and just pile them on so the unread books get forgotten in the back... Come to think of it, maybe the goal should be to acquire more bookshelves??
Read books I own: I am a bit unreasonable when it comes to buying books, it's much like an addiction really. I just cannot stop myself. I'd like to read a good chunk of the books I already own before buying new books this year. Of course, I always make exceptions for myself when it comes to book buying bans. Last year graphic novels, used books, and classics were all a-ok. This year, I'd like to shorten my list of exceptions to maybe just used books, or just comics. Or just the books I really, really, absolutely, MUST HAVE NOW. Sounds reasonable, no?

5. (edited* also 6, & 7)
Read at least 6 classics: I have done pretty poorly as far as reading the classics is concerned. I joined the Classics Club to help remedy that and hopefully in 2015, I won't just read the classics, but I'll actually participate in more discussions and post all the reviews that I mean to. **That seems more like three goals to me: Read 6 classics, Participate more in the Classics Club, Review more classics. Oh my, it is 3 goals.**

6. 8.*
Utilize my local library: This sort of goes with my "read books I own/buy less books" goal. Except that if I'm reading library books, I'm not really reading the books I own. I think I've created a conundrum for myself. Well, if I use the library more, at least I won't buy as many books, am I right?
7. 9.*
Be a better book-clubber: I love the convenience of online book clubs, but the ease of it has made it possibly too easy. I have joined so many book clubs and reading groups this past year, but my participation has been terrible. Without a physical meeting to attend I let my participation slip. A lot. I'd like to do better than a bi-monthly check-in in 2015. The Classics Club, The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge Book Club, the I Like Big Books Book Club, the Hello, Hemlock (CanLit) Book Club,  the Novel Tea Book Club, the Close Reads Café Book Club all deserve better from me. [Also, if you are also a member of any of these clubs, let me know! :)]  
**This also goes for read-alongs and reading challenges - I knew my non-joiner tendencies from high school would haunt me for all eternity, when I sign up for these things, I want to actually follow through!** (Maybe, I should make it a goal to sign up for less things?? I need to start thinking smaller - this is the reason why goals fail!)

8. 10.*
The easiest, most obvious one of all: achieve my Goodreads Goal of reading 50 books in 2015.
I think this turned out to be a list of 15 goals instead of 10. But, at least I dream big, right? What are some of your bookish goals for 2015?


  1. I'd love to read more classics this year, too! I typically don't read or enjoy that many classics- I read a lot of YA fiction- but I have liked a few to include Fahrenheit 451. I'd like to expand on that. I actually would love to join a book club, if any are available, I hadn't heard about any open slots. Aside from that, I also aim to post more in general this year. But anyways, good luck with your resolutions!:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. You should check out Goodreads for book clubs that might interest you! OR join the classics club to help you stay motivated to read more (and blog about) classics!

  2. I try to post one review a week so I hope you can accomplish it too! I also should utilize my local library more but when I see a book I want, it's so hard to resist the urge to buy it :S

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

    1. The library is such a great place, I definitely feel a little guilty about letting such a great resource go to waste. It's hard to say no to buying new books!