Saturday, November 22, 2014

#Minithon Introduction [& Update]

I have long been jealous of Readathon participants and their ability to spend 24 hours or more reading. I love that, I love the idea of that. I love that those people actually have that many hours to devote to reading. I am not one of those people. I have a full time job. I have a long commute. I have a partner who might revolt if I locked myself away for days at a time to read. I have children that need attention, and feeding. I have CATS. Obviously, the full readathon isn't something I can actively participate in with so much going on in life. 

Thankfully, Tika of Reading the Bricks is hosting a mini-readathon today. This readathon is perfect for me because it's all about laziness ease: Snacks, tweeting about snacks, reading, talking about reading and bookish things on social media, more snacks, staying in pajamas, and general laziness relaxation of all kinds. I'm Canadian and there is all kinds of cold and snow outside so today is the perfect day to stay in, laze around, stay in bed, and read. (and tweet: #minithon)

I'm a little late posting this as the minithon started at 8am Pacific time, 11am where I am in Canada; and ends at 4pm Pacific time, 7pm in Ontario. But I slept in, so forgive me. 
Here's the rules guidelines:
1) Mini-everything! Mini snacks, mini naps, mini discussions (aka tweets),  and of course, some justification of why your reading material falls into the category of "miniature," the sillier the better.
2) Just 8 hours, beginning to end. We will begin at 8am Pacific time (that's 11am ON, CA). And when we end at 4pm PT (7pm ON, CA), everyone can breathe a sigh of relief at a job well done. 
3) Let's keep it to only 2 posts - one introductory and one to close out the 'thon - so as to leave us plenty of time for... reading
I'm looking forward to this minithon, I'll be posting what I read and what I snacked on in my minithon wrap up and I'll also be tweeting and instagramming #minithon throughout the day. 
Let's chat on twitter! (See my sidebar!)


I'm very pleased to be able to say that my first ever minithon was a successful one. Now, as a disclaimer, it's very nearly impossible to fail at minithon. The entire premise of the minithon is for it to be as easy as possible (for those of us to lazy for readathons). I tweeted, I snacked, I drank lots of tea. I even got some reading done. It was mostly blog posts, which, I was told, still counted; but I did get some book reading done too. I read one of the essays/ chapters in Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl and even read a little poetry too, so all in all, a win. 

 Tika of Reading the Bricks was so great for hosting this minithon. THANK YOU!

How did you spend your Saturday? Did you participate in the minithon? Did you get any reading done? Let me know :)


  1. Welcome to minithoning! Tika is great for hosting this readathon for all of us without the time/attention span for full readathons. I envy those people. Sort of. I start to get distracted before I can really let the envy build.

    1. The minithon is the greatest idea ever, I'm shocked I haven't heard if this before now, but I'm glad I can participate this time!

  2. *waves* THE MINITHON IS THE BEST. Looking forward to seeing what you're reading!! And I'm super-glad the minithon is something people appreciate other than like the initial five of us. Because HONESTLY who can seriously do the 24 hour one. I don't even like watching marathons, let alone participating.

  3. Welcome! The Minithon started as something of a joke but now it's a Real Thing, hurrah!

    How is your eating going? And of course reading. Yes.

  4. So glad you're minithonning! I too am Canadian and snowed in, so, solidarity. Hope the snacking, reading, and tweeting are going swimmingly.

  5. Yay for new 'thonners! Those are all very good reasons to avoid full length readathons, especially the cats. I write this will my cat literally laying on top of my computer mouse. Hope your 'thon was mini in everything except enjoyment!

  6. So many Canadians! I would complain about the cold here too, but we are in the throes of a Chinook today. So instead of the frigid weather I was expecting today, I got a headache. Yay?

    Yay minithon!