Friday, September 12, 2014

Why I Need The Classics Club

Hi. My name is Tenisha, and I have a problem.

No... No, if I'm going to tell it, I might as well tell it honestly. My name is Tenisha, and I have an addiction. 

I can't remember when it started really. It was probably around the time I was in middle school, I had started babysitting and earning a bit of pocket money here and there. At the time I thought it meant freedom, no more waiting for birthdays and Christmases for gift money that I would clutch eagerly awaiting when I would be able to go and purchase my next fix.

I started innocently enough, picking up one or two pieces here and there, but then I would hoard them, hide them away so as not to rush through my supply quickly, I didn't want to waste the high. Even the anticipation of what I would get from them was enough to make me giddy.
I loved everything about them: the way they looked, the way they smelled, the way they felt in my hands. I was hooked and I couldn't get enough. Before I knew it all of my babysitting money was going into my purchases, and after that all of the money from my first part-time job.  

I was never satisfied, however, and would continue to buy and buy and buy. My collection started to grow. I worried about the space I was taking up and moved much of my collection into boxes and stuffed them under the bed. They remained there for years, waiting for the day when I would finally allow myself to indulge in all the wonders they had to offer. But it didn't stop me from amassing more, and it doesn't mean that I wasn't using elsewhere - I was (and boy, was I).

I used daily, I always had at least one with me, sometimes more (usually more). My bags were always heavy with the weight, but I never complained about the back and shoulder pain. I liked the feeling; somehow it comforted me to know that an escape was close by if I needed one. I dipped into them as often as I could, on the bus, at the park, even on occasion (it shames me to admit) in the bathroom. I loved the feeling of being whisked away to a fantasy land, or on a fantastic adventure, a voyage, an escapade, or an epic crusade. I couldn't get enough. I fell in love, over and over again. I fell in love with wizards, and hobbits, and sometimes just with ordinary boys in extraordinary circumstances.

Eventually, my collection began to get out of hand, and I realised something had to be done. I finally admitted to myself that I had a problem, which I am told is the first step. I hear the second is admitting it publicly. So here it is: My name is Tenisha, and I am a book addict.

I joined The Classics Club very recently - on September 1st to be exact and already I feel as if a weight has been lifted - hallelujah! There is hope for me!

What is The Classics Club, you ask? It's an online community of readers and bloggers who are challenged to read at least 50 classics in 5 years and to blog about them. I didn't study English in post-secondary and we didn't read classics in high school (aside from Shakespeare), so a challenge like this seemed perfect for me, a great reason to finally dig into all those classics I have been collecting for years but never got around to. The ones I have been "saving" for... for what? The right time? The perfect conditions? I say no more! I started my classics club list with 50 books on it. But, like any voracious book-a-holic, the list quickly grew. To over 100. I'm not sure if I'll reach the end of the list, but I'm going to try. I've already started with my first choice - Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. 

If you've made it to the end of this extremely long-winded post I thank and applaud you. And, I'd like to know: Are you a book addict? How do you feel about classics? Do you read them? Do you want to? Do you have any favourites or recommendations? Is this too may questions? Probably. Do I expect answers? No. Do I appreciate them? Definitely.

If nothing else, I hope this post inspires you to check out the classics club. It's a really friendly community and is full to the brim with book addicts lovers like myself. See you at the next AA book club meeting!


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