Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Inspired: Me as a Reader

I read a post a while ago titled "Me As A Reader", and ever since I've wanted to do a similar post. But I didn't want to do it in the same way. I wanted a post about "me" to have a little bit of "me" in it, that's why I chose to do it in this handwritten format. I wrote that list in my reading journal (yes - I keep a reading journal, I know), and thought that it didn't make sense to type the list out all over again. And after all, I do really love Choncey Boddington's YouTube channel and I absolutely adore her blog as well. I really love the handwritten style and think her penmanship and her writings in general are just really, really lovely. So why not just post what I've written? Now, I'm not claiming to have perfect or even very neat penmanship (evidence above); and I don't always love it, but it is legible (my cursive is a different story), and it is mine. So it is perfect for this post, in that way.
Me as a reader, in my own writing.


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