Thursday, September 11, 2014

Booking Through Thursday (1) - Your Recommendation

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If a friend asks you to recommend a really good book—good writing, good characters, good story—but with no other qualifications … what would you recommend?

My answer:
I can probably think of about 100 books that I would recommend at the drop of a hat to anyone anywhere at any time, but I've recently read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and I absolutely loved it. The characters were realistically drawn, the world building was fantastic, the speculative nature of the plot was engaging. I could actually imagine a future quite like this one. I've been recommending it a lot to friends. And everyone who's read it on my recommendation has also loved it - or at least they haven't said other wise. I've heard it said that if you like dystopia and you're a gamer, you will like this book. I have to disagree, I think if you are a person and you have a brain, you will like this book.

Have you read Ready Player One yet? What were your thoughts?

Ready Player One  Ready Player One

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