Saturday, September 13, 2014

Awesome Adaptations v.1: North & South

North and South (2004) North and South is a four part adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's love story of Margaret Hale, a middle class southerner who is forced to move to the northern town of Milton.   Daniela Denby-Ashe, Richard Armitage, Tim see romance,dramaI think it goes without saying that the BBC makes the best adaptations, but I'm going to say it anyway: The BBC makes the BEST adaptations. Hands down. North & South is just one example of their super-crazy-amazing-brilliance.

North and South is a four part adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's love story of Margaret Hale, a middle class southerner who is forced to move with her family to the northern town of Milton. (via) In Milton she meets Mr. Thornton, a lower class business man whom she instantly dislikes because of prejudice and misunderstanding. 

The story also follows the town of Milton, the factory workers that live there, and their involvement in the industrial revolution and the union. 

I started watching North & South at about 11:30 last night, thinking that I would watch just the first episode to see if it was really as good as Ron Lit says it is in her YouTube video - which you should TOTALLY check out by the way because she is hilarious and amazing and I love her and I think I want to be her when I grow up.

North and South (BBC) SWOON - WORTHY EVERY SINGLE TIME. aaaaah.As you can imagine, my plan to watch just the one episode didn't happen. I just couldn't stop. I watched the entire series. I didn't sleep until 5 AM. Knowing that I would have to get up fairly early. It is THAT amazing. I. Could. Not. Stop. It is just UGH - so so good. It gave me so many feelings. Even my feels had feels over it.

The chemistry between Margaret Hale and Mr. Thornton is amazing. The sexual tension is palpable. Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage are amazing in their respective roles. Actually, the entire cast is wonderful, and if you're a fan of Downton Abbey you'll recognize some familiar faces (which make me squeal with glee - hello Mr. Bates!) There is really nothing to complain about when it comes to this series. It is perfect. Completely perfect.

And guys... GUYS, Richard Armitage is -- HOT. SO HOT. *SWOON* Richard Armitage is so hot, I think I've got a crush on Thorin Oakenshield just because:

Image Of Thorin Oakenshield in THE HOBBIT 
                                                                                  HOT Damn.

I don't want to spoil you too much if you haven't seen it yet, but you should totally, totally watch this series (it's on Netflix, yes!). I really think anyone would enjoy this. If you like history, if you like historical fiction, you will like this series. Even if you're not particularly fond of period romance, you will probably like this because it's about so much more than just the romance (the family dynamic, social class, the strikes, etc.) and for most of the series the protagonists don't even really like one another all that much - or at least it's perceived by each that the one isn't all that crazy about the other. And, again, it's amazing. UH-MAY-ZING!

Ron Lit also did a review video on the book, which you should also totally watch because it made me want to move Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South to the very top of my Classics Club TBR Pile.

Have you seen North & South? Have you read it? Share your thoughts with me! Even if you just want to mutually fangirl over hot Richard Armitage's hotness.

Great mini-series. Classic hate-love relationship between the two main characters. Those are the best kind to watch though ;) North and South.  This is brilliant. love how she clasps his hands with both of hers...and the look on his face when she does.  North and this series.


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